Corporate Events

If you are wanting to host a corporate event, let us take care of all of the work for you. Whether it be team building workshops, an elegant retreat to spoil customers or something more low key to get your business off the ground. We’ve got you covered.

Service 1-Just a Consult 250.00

Service 2- We Do The Ground Work 500.00

Service 3-We Take You To The Door 1500.00

Service 4-Just Sit Back and Relax 2500.00

Custom Packages are available


There is nothing we love more than a good party. From small intimate celebrations to grand elaborate events to make your friends jealous. We want to make your party everything you had hoped. For our party packages, we take care of everything and you just show up.

Service 1-under 15 guests starts at 500.00

Service 2-under 25 guests starts at 750.00

Service 3-under 50 guests starts at 1500.00

Service 4-under 75 guests starts at 2500.00

Service 5-the sky is the limit for guests starts at 3000.00

Special Events

Looking to put together a great fundraiser? Want to bring your community together? Opening a business and wanting to introduce it to the world? We help you organize your special events from start to finish. We will connect you with local vendors to make your event a huge success.

Service 1-Just a consult 250.00

Service 2- We do the ground work 500.00

Service 3-Just sit back and relax 2500.00

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